We do it for love

Moxie Miller was fashioned to house creativity, nurture professional relationships, and to help instill confidence from the inside out.

We want you to feel welcomed, and carefree.  Leave all your worries on our doorstep as we gracefully take you to the best version of yourself.  Our services cater to those who seek self-care mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Please allow us to start this journey with you and coach you along the way.  As we eb and flow through life and adjust to each season.

Our Services

Moxie Miller would like to encourage you to leave your worries on our doorstep. As you enter our peaceful oasis, we hope that you are embraced with scents of lavender, eclectic melodies and the anticipation of leaving with a warm spirit and an invigorating amount of Moxie.

Women's Cuts

No matter the style your going for, we want to give you the time and attention your hair deserves.

Men's Cuts

We provide an array of professional styling options for men of all ages. 


We offer base coloring of new growth only, as well as all-over color (roots to ends).

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